WMF Kitchen Minis One For All Ivory Mud - Food Processor

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\"One for all: the all-rounder designed for the smallest space!
Whether fresh rolls and healthy smoothies for breakfast, crunchy salad for lunch, homemade cake in the afternoon, delicious pasta in the evening or sophisticated cocktails for happy hour - the first WMF Kitchenminis® Food Processor One for All makes you want to prepare your own food every day. A real all-rounder for mixing, stirring, kneading and slicing for endless possibilities. And that in an extremely space-saving way in the smallest of spaces.

- 0.8 l glass mixer attachment for the preparation of smoothies and co.
- Holder for attaching optional accessories
- Timer function with LC display for precise preparation
- Release button for easy lifting of the agitator arm
- Automatic cable feed - cable is simply stowed in the device

Product Features
- Bowl capacity: 3 L
- Colour of product: Ivory
- Rotational speed: 16000 RPM
- Bowl material: Metal
- Blender beaker cup: Glass
- Display type: LCD
- Power: 430 W
- AC input voltage: 220-240 V
- AC input frequency: 50/60 Hz

Features WMF 04.1644.0001. Bowl capacity: 3 L, Product colour: Ivory, Rotational speed: 16000 RPM. Bowl material: Metal, Blender beaker cup: Glass. Display type: LCD. Power: 430 W, AC input voltage: 220-240 V, AC input frequency: 50 - 60 Hz. Width: 227 mm, Depth: 350 mm, Height: 549 mm\"

SKU: 4211129129473


Manufacturer Part Number
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