Tefal talent frying pan 26cm C6213352

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\"The high-quality deep sauteuse pan with a lid Tefal TalentPro with a diameter of 26 cm is an ideal helper for the kitchen. It features a new non-stick titanium surface excellence, a solid three-layer induction base and comfortable ergonomic handles.

The premium stainless steel is not only extremely corrosion resistant, but also protects against mechanical damage. It is not even damaged when metal kitchen tools are used. Furthermore, a strong thermal shock resistance and a high non-stick is outstanding. Thanks to a special non-stick surface with a hard mineral Titanium Excellence base, you will certainly never burn your meal. A strong three-layer stainless steel induction base plate ensures efficient and even heat distribution over the entire bottom surface of the container and strength in cross-section. The tableware will not twist or otherwise deform even after years of use.

The container is equipped with a thermo-point temperature indicator. This signals the moment when the pan has reached the right temperature and you can start preparing the food. In this way you avoid excessive heating of the bottom and the results of the food preparation are literally excellent. The thermo point consists of two colour tones that are temperature sensitive. When the ideal temperature for frying is reached (approx. 180° C), the indicator gets a uniform colour.

The Tefal TalentPro pan can be used for all types of heat sources, including an induction hob. The big advantage is the possibility of placing it in the oven, which is heated to a maximum temperature of 175° C. The pan can be used for all types of heat sources, including induction cooking. You will literally be thrilled by the combination of quality and reasonable price!

The Tefal cookware always guarantees a comfortable, fast and ultimately healthy cooking. The ergonomic handles offer comfort as well as protection against painful burns. Tefal cooking utensils are also harmless to health and environmentally friendly. It does not contain lead, cadmium or the acid PFOA, which is often used to make dishes, although it is very dangerous for people and the environment.

Product Features
Features - a special non-stick inner surface Titanium Excellence
- the possibility of using metal kitchen utensils
- a strong three-layer induction floor for optimum heat distribution
- ergonomic handles for maximum comfort
- healthy and environmentally friendly cooking
- the possibility of inserting in the furnace (up to 175° C)\"

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Hannover (Germany)
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