Severin kettle, metallic gray / black 2200 W, about 1.0 L, central-cordless-system, large lid opening, washable scale filter

by Severin - Seller
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Powerful kettle for up to 1 litre of water
Whether for infusing tea and instant meals or for preparing baby food - boiling water takes only a few minutes with the modern stainless steel kettle. For filling and pouring, the cordless housing is simply removed from the 360° station. The concealed heating element and the large opening make not only the application but also the cleaning child\'s play.

Practical 1-hand operation
Thanks to the practical lid opener, the kettle can be opened with just one hand. This makes it easy to open and close the tap with your second hand without having to move the kettle. The large opening also makes filling and cleaning the appliance easier.

Practical water level indicator
The external water level indicator is directly visible, making it easier to fill the vessel. This allows the required amount of water to be filled conveniently and accurately. The Min and Max markings indicate the minimum and maximum filling quantities and thus prevent boiling water from overflowing.

Removable lime filter
At the outlet of the kettle there is a filter which removes harmful lime from the water. So your tea will be infused with clean water. For easy cleaning, the lime filter can simply be removed and rinsed under running, hot water.

Product Features
Features - Cordless connection to 360° station
- Folding lid with lid opener
- Removable lime filter
- Integrated overheating protection
- Automatic steam stop
- Thermally insulating plastic handle
- With pilot light
- Maximum filling quantity: 1 litre
- Power rating: 2200 W

SKU: 4008146029653


Manufacturer Part Number
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