Severin Hot air fryer - stainless

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This hot-air fryer ensures fat-free frying, cooking, roasting & baking without the addition of fat or oil. Thanks to the innovative hot-air technology, the deep fryer heats up very quickly and is energy-saving and odourless. Automatic programs allow you to prepare a wide variety of dishes such as chips, meat and vegetables at the touch of a button.

For healthy enjoyment for the whole family. Innovative hot-air technology for versatile results Health-conscious frying, cooking, roasting and baking WITHOUT the addition of oil or fat Ceramic-coated frying basket and basket carrier: extremely scratch-resistant, best non-stick effect, particularly heat-resistant, easy cleaning, energy-saving, fast & odourless, particularly fast heating and preparation times thanks to innovative hot-air technology 6 automatic programmes guarantee perfect results at the touch of a button for fries, meat, chicken and shrimps, Vegetables and temperature control adjustable for baking from 80 to 200°C in addition individual setting of temperature and time 60 minutes Timer with signal tone low odour development large 3.2 litre deep-frying basket - pleasure for the whole family intuitive LCD touch display for quick and easy operation.

  • Model: Severin FR 2430
  • Product type: Hot air fryer
  • Capacity: 3.2 L
  • Temperature (min): 80 °C
  • Control type: Touch
  • Display type: LCD
  • Power: 1500 W
  • Width: 400 mm, Depth: 290 mm, Height: 340 mm
  • SKU: 4008146027727


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