Red Age Mirror Infrared Heating IGH 6012M Without Thermostat

by RED AGE - Seller
Condition: New
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Since the RED AGE mirror heater heats with infrared radiant heat the air in the room is heated less than the objects that are in the room including the human body. This is made possible by the principle of solar radiation. which has stored the heat then gradually releases it back into the room i.e. into the air and you get a pleasant feel-good climate. Mirror heating panels also have the property that the efficiency of the heat radiation is very high and the heat directly into the Environment is released without being stored in the material. The mirror heater can be used in the whole living area it adapts perfectly to your design wishes. Because the infrared heater is frameless it has a very elegant design and the highest quality due to the high quality materials Quality that is particularly noticeable in the technology. The lifespan of a mirror Oil heating is almost unlimited (over 120000 hours) the heating elements are almost wear-free.
Allergy sufferers will also feel more comfortable with the infrared mirror heating because the dust is no longer whirled up or burned.

It can not only be used as a complete heating system or full heating but also as additional heating partial heating or transitional heating. By using radiant heat you also save your wallet because you can save up to 60% on electricity costs compared to conventional heating systems as the devices are very energy efficient. If you cannot decide between two heating outputs we advise you to choose the higher heating output. This means that you do not necessarily have to consume more energy because the desired temperature is reached more quickly and the thermostat can switch off the heating earlier. Infrared mirror heaters made of ESG safety glass have a light tint which is not a reason for complaint.

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