Ready2Music Rival Over-Ear Headphones

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RIVAL Whether rock, pop, drum'n'bass, metal or indie: The wireless ready2music RIVAL is the perfect headphone for your lifestyle. It combines contemporary design and performance in one and impresses with its first-class sound. Your music becomes wireless! Thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 with automatic pairing function, you can fully enjoy your favorite music without annoying cable. Just put it on, turn it on and start listening, because after the first pairing, the RIVAL automatically connects to your smartphone every time you turn it on. Just keep listening The RIVAL provides up to 15 hours of wireless music enjoyment. But even with an empty battery, you don't have to give up your music. Simply connect via jack cable with your smartphone and continue listening. Also convenient when Bluetooth connection is not possible. Only one push of a button Easy to use with smooth, tactile buttons right on the headphones, so you don't have to pull your smartphone out of your pocket to control your favorite music app. Thanks to smart phone control and built-in microphone, you don't need to pick up the RIVAL when you have an incoming call or pause the music, because with a simple push of a button you have access to various functions such as answering calls, muting the microphone, redialing, etc. Your constant companion Take the RIVAL with you wherever you go! With its retractable ear cups and convenient carrying case, the RIVAL becomes a handy companion for all your daily challenges. Extendable earpieces and comfortable cushions provide hours of wearing comfort. • Up to 15 hours of wireless music enjoyment thanks to Bluetooth V4.1 and built-in rechargeable battery. • Easily switch between calls and music without taking off the headphones. • Answer, reject and end calls with a single touch. • Volume control and music playback at the touch of a button right on the headphones. • Foldable design includes carrying case so you can take the headphones anywhere. • Automatically connects to the last connected device every time you turn them on. • Optionally usable with 3.5mm line in cable, if once no Bluetooth connection is possible
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