Princess Style 4 EDST Toaster 4 slot compact short 142355

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Adding warmth to bread makes irresistible toasted bread. With the Princess 142355 Toaster you can make delicious, crispy and warm bread in an instance. This elegant toaster has four short slots so you can toast up to four slices of bread at once. Furthermore, the toaster is equipped with a defrost, stop and reheat function.

Four short slots and warming rack The Princess Toaster has four slots so four normal sized slices of bread fit easily in the toaster. Do you rather want to toast just two? The slots are operable per two so you can use them individually as well. You also receive four grilled cheese clamps so you easily can prepare four grilled cheeses at once.

The warming rack will give you lots of options to warm rolls, crumpets and croissants. Six browning settings Choose easily between lightly toasted or very brown with the dial on the front of the Princess Toaster. Next to this, the toaster also has two defrost and reheat functions.

You can quickly defrost bread or reheat buns on the warming racks. Is the toasting going to fast? Use the cancel function to immediately stop the toasting. Easy to store The Princess Toaster has a convenient cord storage system so you can store the toaster easily. The removable crumb trays makes it easy to remove all crumbs so your cupboards stay clean.
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