Princess chocolate fountain black 32 W

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\"The Princess 292994 Chocolate Fountain is the ideal device for all chocolate lovers. Surprise your kids at their birthday party or spoil your partner at valentine. The fountain melts the chocolate and pumps it up so it can cascade down the three layers. Enjoy dipping different foods such as pieces of fruit, biscuits and marshmallows in the sweet chocolate stream.

Easy to operate
The Princess Chocolate Fountain is very easy to use. Add fine chopped chocolate to the drip tray and turn the dial to heat. As soon as the chocolate has melted you can turn the dial and the chocolate comes out on top and creates a waterfall of molten chocolate. There is no need to melt the chocolate au bain marie thanks to the heating function on the chocolate fountain.

Constant temperature
The heating element keeps the temperature of the chocolate constant so it stay runny and does not burn. To make the chocolate cascade perfectly you may have to add cocoa butter or a tablespoon of oil to your chocolate. This way, everybody can enjoy the ultimate chocolate fountain.

Use fresh fruit, cookies and marshmallows
Complete every party with the Princess Chocolate Fountain. Prepare dishes with fresh fruit, cookies or cake and marshmallows and let everybody dip for themselves. You can also use the chocolate fountain when you serve pancakes and let everyone take their own chocolate sauce out of the fountain.

Easy to clean
After using the chocolate fountain pour the remaining chocolate in a small container and let it cool. The top of the fountain comes off and can be easily rinsed. The stainless steel drip tray can easily be cleaned with detergent. This makes the Princess Chocolate Fountain easy to clean and, thanks to its compact size, also easy to store.

Princess offers you 24 months warranty on all products

What´s in the box:
Princess Chocolate Fountain, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Princess Chocolate Fountain:Bring a smile to your kids face with the cute and fun chocolate fountainIdeal to use at parties or with pancakes, ice cream and wafflesYou do not need to melt the chocolate first thanks to the heating functionEasy to clean thanks to the dishwasher proof partsSuitable for white, milk and dark chocolate

Product Features
Technical Specifications Princess 292994. Power supply type: AC, Power: 32 W, Input voltage: 220 - 240\"

SKU: 8712836272644


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