PlayStation 4 - Bloodstained - Ritual of the Night

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night takes place in England in the 18th century.

An unnatural force creates a demon-infested castle full of crystal shards, infused with enormous magical powers. Players take on the role of Miriam, an orphan girl drawn by the demonic curse of an alchemist who slowly lets her skin crystallize. In order to save mankind and himself, Miriam must fight through the castle and collect, manufacture and unlock a vast arsenal of weapons, equipment and loot to defeat Gebel, the creator of the castle, and its innumerable henchmen and hellbosses wait for her there.

- Spiritual Igavania Successor - Koji Igarashi, one of the genre\'s most famous co-founders, is developing a new and modern sidescroller action RPG for Castlevania fans.
- Comprehensive and Complex Gameplay - Players can unlock spells and powers, find, craft and enhance various types of weapons and special items to change Miriam\'s appearance, as well as individually combine equipment and abilities to create their own style of play.
- High-resolution 2.5D graphics - The two-dimensional scrolling game world in Bloodstained is completely rendered in 3D with lovingly designed details and changes its course of the game.
- Orchestral music from industry legends - Thanks to music by Michiru Yamane (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night) and Ippo Yamada (Resident Evil), the music of Bloodstained is an unforgettable experience
- Iga\'s Biggest Castle - The Bloodstained World Map is the largest game world ever created by Koji Igarashi. Fans of his unique style will enjoy exploring them.
- Several playable characters - In addition to the mysterious Miriam, other playable characters await their discovery

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