Playstation 4 - Age of Wonders: Planetfall Day One Edition

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Age of Wonders: Planetfall sends the popular Age of Wonders franchise from the Fantasy Middle Ages directly into space. The upcoming strategy game from Triumph Studios challenges you to lead your people from the ruins of a galactic empire to a new interstellar size.

Six unique factions, each with its own gameplay, story elements, and tactical challenges, await you to lead them to the stars. Militant Vanguard compete with dinosaur-riding Amazons and Assembly cyborg zombies for galactic supremacy and ancient heritage. Use your wits, military prowess, and diplomatic skills to help your faction win. Additional missions allow you to unlock special abilities and ensure that each game round has a new challenge.

Explore planetary ruins and meet other survivors as you uncover the past of a lost civilization.

Product Features
Features - Perfect your strategy in intense turn-based battles and adjust your tactics as factions play. Use all the possibilities offered by customizable units and destructible environments to win battles.
- Shape the future of your colony through a combination of technological progress and social development. Do you create an environmental paradise or the perfect military order?
- Many paths lead to the goal, whether through diplomacy or military intervention.
- Randomly generated maps, side tasks and deep, individual faction campaigns ensure a high replay value. Test new tactics in Battle Mode or challenge other players in Multiplayer Mode - Online, Hot Seat and asynchronous!

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Paradox Interactive
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