Philips Daily Collection HD2581 / 90 Toaster 2 Slice

by Philips - Seller
Condition: New
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\"This compact toaster has 8 setting levels and two large, adjustable slots for consistent toasting results regardless of the type of bread used. With the integrated roll attachment, you can easily warm up your favourite rolls and biscuits.

8 browning levels for individual preferences
With the 8 steps you can toast different types of bread without the risk of burning them. Set the browning level according to your preference and prepare your toast exactly the way you want it.

2 large, adjustable slots for different bread sizes
Thanks to the centering function, the bread stays in the middle and thus ensures an even browning result on both sides.

Integrated bread roll attachment for baking bread rolls or pastries
Integrated roll attachment for easy baking of your favourite rolls or pastries.

Warm up and defrost in one step
The warm-up function warms up toast in seconds and the defrost function allows frozen bread to be toasted in a single pass.

The stop button can be used to stop toasting at any time.
Stop at any time by pressing the stop button.

Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
Easy cleaning thanks to the removable crumb drawer.

Lift function for safe removal of smaller pieces
Lift function for easy removal of small pieces of bread.

Extra protection with auto-off function
The extra protection with auto shut-off protects the product from short circuits.\"

SKU: 8710103800378


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