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\"Go in Darksiders III back to a devastated by the apocalypse earth. Slip into this hack\'n\'slash action-adventure game in the role of FURY, which is on the trail of the seven deadly sins. FURY is the most unpredictable and most mysterious of the four horsemen and remain there succeed where many others have failed before her: the restoration of balance on Earth.

- Play as FURY - a magician who relies on whip and magic to restore the balance between good and evil again
- Use Fury\'s magic to unleash different forms - each with new weapons and movements
- Come and explore an open, living world, can move freely in the FURY to discover secrets and advance the story
- Defeat the seven deadly sins and their servants - from mystical creatures to degenerate
- Let yourself be overwhelmed by the unique style of Darksiders: massive, post-apocalyptic environments that run from the highest spheres of the heavens to the depths of hell, ravaged by war and decay, reclaimed by nature.\"

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THQ Nordic
THQ Nordic
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