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"The world of network marketing has been waiting for this recipe for success!"

"THE success book for every network marketer - Absolutely must read!"

"Mario is a genius! He delivers here the solution to one of the most burning questions in the network marketing industry: HOW EXACTLY do I break through the middle ground in my career plan and achieve financial freedom? Greatly explained and immediately actionable!"

Mario Oreggia is one of the top 10 in the network marketing industry worldwide and made the leap from a hard working waiter in a family run restaurant to a multi-millionaire. With his creative ease and unmistakable directness, he has built thousands of sales reps, made 150 of them millionaires, and inspired millions of consumers.

==> #PTFP is an advanced book. <==

With this book, Mario has addressed a topic among network marketers that almost no one has written about before. Instead of focusing on getting started or basic multiplication tables, his focus is on the exact strategies that will catapult you from the middle to the highest levels of your career. This is your stepping stone to the top!

Are you tired of bouncing up and down in the midfield of your career plan for months or even years?
Do you feel like you're treading water and not making any progress in team building?
Do you want to finally see success in your multilevel marketing business and earn passive income?
If you want to finally accelerate your network marketing career, build a motivated team and be financially free, this is your book!

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Mario Oreggia
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