Nintendo Switch The Walking Dead: The Final Season

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After Clementine and AJ spent years homeless and had to defy threats by the living and the dead, they have finally found a chance of a new home in a remote school. But they will have to make sacrifices to protect it. In this sweeping and emotional final season your decisions will define your relationships, shape your world and determine how Clementines story ends.

An emotional, heartbreaking story - Join Clementine to the end of her journey. As she builds up a new life, you have to make unexpected decisions and live with the consequences. AJ will see it over his shoulder and learn from your actions.
More control, more power - a new shoulder-mounted camera system, more freedom to explore detailed environments, and not pre-programmed fights capture the fears of living in a world that was overrun by the undead. All this combines the most compelling game in the universe of The Walking Dead.
Impressive new graphic style - the all-new Graphic Black - graphic style seems to flow directly from the pages, which won the Eisner Award comic series, and brings the world of The Walking Dead to life as never before.

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Telltale Games
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