Monoprice Triple Driver Earbuds Headphones with in-line mic and one-button Control

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A simple speaker can cut the mustard when it comes to audio reproduction, but most people prefer the balanced sound of concert sound system with its intense volume and balanced sound from speakers tuned for specific frequencies ranges. Headphones and earphones typically have only a single driver, but the Triple Driver Earphones feature three drivers designed to produce the balanced sound one gets from a well-designed concert sound system. Enjoy the clarity, power, articulation, and all those other fancy words we use to describe really, Really, REALLY good sounding speakers or earphones. Try them for yourself, but be prepared for the intense volume that these earphones can produce!

- 3-Way Speaker: Enjoy the balanced sound of 3-way speakers in your ears! Unlike ordinary headphones and earphones with a single driver, these earphones feature three drivers tuned to specific frequency bands, just like a high-end concert sound system.
- 2 Balanced Armatures: A balanced armature is a voice coil suspended in a magnetic field, so it can respond more easily to small changes in frequency and intensity. The main 10mm dynamic driver in these earphones is augmented by a balanced 3.8mm mid-range balanced armature and a 2.8mm high-frequency balanced armature, giving these earphones a clarity and accuracy that is unmatched.
- Incredible Dynamics: Engineered to reproduce the entire sonic spectrum from your music collection! From the quietest string instruments to the bombast of a rock concert, the Triple Driver earphones can reproduce the most challenging material with ease. Exceptional micro detail, midrange clarity, and tight bass deliver an amazing listening experience that will satisfy.

What\'s in the box?
1 Pair of Triple Driver Earphones
3 Sets of Silicone Earbuds (S/M/L)

Product Features
Technical Specifications 10mm Dynamic Driver, 20Hz ~ 40kHz, 11 Ohm, 20mW Maximum Input

SKU: 0889028045367


Manufacturer Part Number
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