Monolith by Monoprice M565C Over Ear Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphones

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The Monolith M565C planar headphones are the perfect way to experience your music collection. Based on the M565, the M565C driver has been redesigned and engineered for closed back enclosures, producing a stunning aural landscape. Spectacular imaging, low distortion, and perfectly balanced sound make the Monolith M565C a true audiophile listening experience.

Planar Driver and Functions
- Planar Drivers: Not your typical headphone driver! The planar driver in the M565C has been completely redesigned and engineered versus the driver found in the M565. Several enhancements have been made, including a new symmetrical magnet structure that allows the planar driver to be much more efficient in a closed back enclosure. The result is low distortion, improved linearity, and spectacular imaging in a closed back design.
- Closed Back Design: Outside noise stays out and only the music stays in! The 565C delivers excellent audio isolation, allowing the sonic landscape to not be disturbed by the outside world, and the outside to not be disturbed by your music. This makes the M565C the perfect audiophile choice for those that may need to listen in less than silent environments.
- Comfort: The Monolith M565C has been engineered to be comfortable for extended listening sessions. Large, comfy earpads made of faux leather and a padded headband are designed to keep you comfortable as you listen.

Product Features
Technical Specifications 66mm Driver, 15Hz ~ 50kHz, 20 Ohm

SKU: 0889028070215


Manufacturer Part Number
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