LucidSound LS41 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset, Gray

by LucidSound - Seller
Condition: New
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LS41 - Wireless Universal Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound The LS41 is a state-of-the-art DTS headphone and equipped with the \"X-Audio\" technology. LucidSound audio engineers have worked closely with the TST\'s team to set the 50mm neodymium drivers exactly. The result of this fine adjustment is a highly detailed, position-based sound field, which was specially developed for games. When playing with the \"X-Audio\" technology from DTS, which was specially developed for headphones, Gamers experience how they dip into completely new sound worlds. With this system, you are able to locate any hostile step to approach an enemy unnoticed and track your teammates in combat - also from behind -. This offers you a huge advantage, which leads to a more exciting gaming experience and in particular improves your player performance. With a surround sound, which it did not exist on a special gaming headset so far, the LS41 increases its competitiveness in online gaming dramatically. - DTS headphones: \"X Surround\" sound: The only headset you will ever need! A wireless DTS headphone: \"X-Surround\" sound for the \"Xbox One\", the PS4, the PS3 and the PC. Wired stereo playback for mobile playing and listening to music. The connection to the \"Xbox One\" console is wireless, only for the chat, a cable to the controller is required (included). - Design: The headset was designed to provide a highest possible comfort so you can easily survive the longest marathon session. Designed to be worn outside the living room in the real world. Designed to provide the simplest and fastest possible access to all controls. - 15 hours Battery life: The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows up to 15 hours of wireless operation. When the device is turned off, then you can continue to use it as a passive headset. - 2 microphones with microphone monitoring: Use the removable bracket microphone for the online chat, and the integrated microphone for calls and mobile playing. With microphone monitoring, you can hear your own voice (monitoring function) so you do not have to scream. - Mobile Phone Control: With the controls on the ear mussel you can accept calls, play music / pause, skip title and more. - Premium materials and workmanship: designed to be comfortable for each head size. We have built just the right clamping power to keep the ear cups safely on their heads - no more and no less. The long-lasting components and solid metal applications are designed for a long life.
SKU: 0852888006205


Manufacturer Part Number
Hannover (Germany)
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