KYGO Life WiFi Bluetooth Smart Lautsprecher

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This speaker embraces the most advanced technology, giving it superior 360 degrees sound quality. I’m thrilled to have helped develop this amazing product with the Google Assistant built in. Inspired by Kygo’s love of music and technology, we’ve created this dynamic smart speaker, which has every function you could imagine. With the Google Assistant, you can use voice control to operate all compatible smart devices in your home. You can also enjoy the freedom of taking your Kygo speaker with you to the pool or park during the summer and kicking back while listening to your favourite tunes. It’s not only waterproof but also floats! The Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries. Availability of services varies by country and language. Google is a trademark of Google LLC.

Product Features
Features - Bluetooth 4.0
- WiFi support - 2.4/5 GHz
- The Google Assistant built-in
- Chromecast built-in
- 8-hours playing time (Bluetooth mode)
- Multiroom function
- Waterproof (IPX 7)
- Drivers: 2*1.75” Full range
- Sensitivity: >85dB ±3dB
- Frequency Response: 75Hz-20 KHz
- THD: <2%@10W/Ch
- Output power: 2x10W
- Battery: 7.4V 2600 mAh

SKU: A0014


Kygo Life
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