Gigaset R650H PRO S30852-H2762-R121

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Strong and reliable
Perfect for people in professional trade and in demanding environments such as workshops, warehouses, factories and construction sites.

Adjustment to many situations
Flexible operation including thick rubber keys for use with gloves, visual notification and illuminated keypad for dark environments.

Extended Coverage
Optimized for use with all Gigaset pro base stations, including multicell systems for full coverage in many office environments and workspaces.

Professional quality
High-quality audio and adjustable one-touch profiles for quick adaptation to different operating environments at 14 hours talk time and vibration alarm for noisy environments.

Optimized audio
Active design with integration of HD audio and HD voice functions in the hardware for professional communication via handsets and optional hands-free function.

Product Features
  • Type: DECT telephone
  • Handset type: Wireless handset
  • Maximum indoor range: 50 m
  • Colour of product: Black
  • International Protection (IP) code: IP65
  • Protection features: Dust resistant, Shock resistant, Water resistant
  • Phonebook capacity: 200 entries
  • Display: TFT
  • Display resolution: 128 x 160 pixels
  • Display number of lines: 6 lines
  • Headset connectivity: 2.5 mm
  • SKU: 4250366846644


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