Fresh's Rebel Rockbox Slice Bluetooth Speaker

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"Music with style
The Rockbox Slice Fabriq Edition is a wireless speaker in a compact, slim case. It combines high-quality materials and outstanding sound with a modern look that also convinces design-conscious music lovers. The Rockbox Slice Fabriq Edition may look small, but thanks to the passive bass, it renders a fantastic sound and an impressive beat. The case, which is covered with a fabric of multicolored threads, is decorated with a tanned leather label with embossed logo. The Rockbox Slice Fabriq Edition, which is available in eight trendy colors, reproduces your music in style.

First-class sound quality
The Rockbox Slice Fabriq Edition can be wirelessly connected to your smartphone, tablet or notebook via Bluetooth. Your 1400 mAh battery has an impressive 10-hour watch time. Thanks to its compact size, the Rockbox Slice Fabriq Edition can be taken anywhere and can fill a whole room with music. Turn up the volume, close your eyes and let the music take you away. The Rockbox Slice Fabriq Edition makes the music!

Product Features
Features Bluetooth 4.0
Audio input
Rechargeable 1400 mAh battery
Average watch time: 10 hours
DC input: max. 5 V / 1 A (microUSB)
Output power 2 × 3 W, 1x passive bass"

SKU: A0023


Fresh n' Rebel
Fresh n' Rebel
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