Fresh's Rebel Rockbox Brick XL Bluetooth Speaker

by Fresh n' Rebel - Seller
Condition: New
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"The bigger, the better, the better is the Rockbox Brick XL is the big sister of the Rockbox Brick. So that music sounds everywhere as you should sound.

Technical information Fresh's Rebel Rockbox Brick XL Fabriq Edition. Audio channels: 2.0 channels, driver diameter: 5.59 cm, subwoofer driver diameter: 5.58 cm. RMS Power: 20 W, Frequency range: 60 - 20000 Hz, Impedance: 4 ohms. Transmission Technology: Wireless, Interface: Bluetooth, USB Plug: Micro USB, USB Type-a. Product type: Portable stereo speaker, product color: turquoise. Recommended use: Mobile / Smartphone "

SKU: A0022


Fresh n' Rebel
Fresh n' Rebel
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