Fresh's Rebel Rockbox Bold S Portable Mono Speaker

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"Small in size. Big in sound
The smallest speaker in the Bold family! The Bold S is a perfect speaker for your daily adventures.

Wanna party in the sea, sand or snow? Don’t worry the Bold S is waterproof and if it gets dirty, just rinse it off.

Don’t worry about the battery because the Rockbox Bold S has twelve hours of playtime and is fully charged within one and a half hours.

Open the strap, hook it up and dance whenever and wherever you like.

Bold & beautiful
The Rockbox Bold S is available in six different colours, for any occasion you have a Bold S on the go.

Quality material
The speaker is covered in durable fabric and completely waterproof. You don’t have to panic when you get some sand, dirt or dust on your new speaker. Your Bold S is protected.

The Bold has a built-in microphone. Now you can call your friends hands-free and them to your upcoming party.

Listen in stereo and double the volume
Wirelessly link two Rockbox Bold S speakers and maximize the sound.

Product Features
Technical Specifications - Bluetooth wireless
- Audio IN port (3.5mm)
- Waterproof (IPX7)
- Double fun mode (pair two Bold S)
- Speakerphone function (built-in microphone)
- DC input: 5V/1A max. (Micro USB)
- Compatible with iOS and Android
- Wireless playtime: 12 hours
- Charging time: Max. 1.5 hours

Features Contents:
- Rockbox Bold S speaker
- Charging cable (Micro USB)
- Audio cable (3.5 mm)"

SKU: A0021


Fresh n' Rebel
Fresh n' Rebel
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