Fisher-Price Little People Park House

by Fisher Price - Seller
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Your child will have a lot of fun exploring the Little People car park. By turning the crank, the elevator moves to the parking decks and the metal bell sounds. With the lift, your child takes a look under the hood while the second car charges at the electric charging station. Once both are finished, your child can let any wheelies vehicle whiz down the spiral ramp towards the next adventure. But don't forget to refuel at the pump!

Product Features
  • Suitable for children 18 months and older
  • Made of plastic
  • Multi-storey car park with spiral descent and two wheelies vehicles with
    integrated figures
  • By turning the crank, the elevator moves up and down, the metal bell rings.
  • The upper parking deck has an electric charging station, the lower one has a
    petrol pump.
  • Dimensions: 34,3 x 31,8 x 13,4 cm
  • SKU: 0887961522853


    Fisher Price
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