Fehn 065152 Little Castle - Fabric Book Bat

by Fehn - Seller
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Feeler book with animal motifs: 8 pages with exciting colors & functions to feel, grasp and be amazed - a perfect companion for at home & on the go for babies and toddlers from 0+ months --- Cuddly playmates: The cute bat and the cute dragon from the Little Castle collection together with tower, rocket, star and ghost invite you to discover, research and feel. Squeakers, rustling paper, mirrors and the exciting materials conjure astonishment on the baby\'s face and encourage the first grasping exercises, the sense of touch and contribute to the positive development of the self-perception. The fastening ring on the cuddly picture book ensures that it can be easily and safely attached to the baby seat, stroller, baby bed or in the car. For great fun, whether at home or on the go! --- With squeaker, mirror, rustling paper, material mix / for babies and toddlers from 0+ months / size: 11x11cm / upper material: soft velor, jersey, terrycloth - washable at 30 ° C / ideal as a present for birth, baptism or as a birthday present for Babies and toddlers / Tested for safety by independent test institutes Item characteristics Characteristics Fehn 065152. Color of product: Multi-colored, Recommended gender: Boy / Girl, Compatible with: baby bouncer, baby car seat, baby bed, baby bed mobile, strollers / buggies. Width: 110 mm, height: 110 mm. Quantity per pack: 1 piece (s)
SKU: 4001998065152


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Recommended age
0+ months
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