Duracell flashlight Tough 3led 3w mlt10 + 4xAA

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Duracell® TOUGH flashlights live up to their name. Made from high quality aluminum, they are rugged, shockproof and splashproof. To meet every demand, there are five different series that differ in shape, size and technical details.

The multi-talent for all situations in life.

The flashlights of the Multi series will not let you down, no matter in which situation. Use the stroboscope function to draw attention to yourself in dangerous situations, or use the SOS function to send an emergency signal in the dark. In addition, the light intensity can be gradually adjusted as required. This gives you control over your energy consumption. The robust aluminium housing is shockproof and splash-proof. In addition, all flashlights in the Multi series have been tested to the FL1 standard.

With a headlight range of 114m, the MLT-10 is particularly bright, so stroboscope and SOS signals are also visible from a distance. In addition, you can determine the energy consumption yourself by gradually adjusting the light intensity. As one of the larger models, the MLT-10 lies firmly and securely in the hand and is nevertheless not a heavyweight thanks to the aluminium housing.

Product Features:
- SOS and stroboscope function gradually adjustable light intensity
- aluminium housing
- FL1 tested
- shockproof and splashproof
- Luminosity: 167 Lumen
- headlight range: 114 m
- Operating time: 4 hours 30 minutes
- 3 x 3W High Power LED

SKU: 0884620006839


Manufacturer Part Number
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