Cilio coffee pot Nadine

by Cilio - Seller
Condition: New
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Only four minutes. That's at least how long you should leave the coffee to brew in the NADINE coffee maker from cilio. You will be rewarded with the full, aromatic taste - ideal for starting off in the morning or overcoming the afternoon low. Add coffee powder and hot, no longer boiling water to the heat-resistant borosilicate glass jug. Then put the lid on the pot with the sieve insert. After said four minutes, press the filter slowly and straight down. The NADINE coffee maker is available for three or eight cups. Do you prefer tea? The beautifully shaped jug made of polished stainless steel and chrome-plated plastic is also ideal for tea.

Product Features

Features: :
+ polished stainless steel/chrome-plated plastic, with heat-resistant borosilicate glass, also suitable for tea preparation
+ full aroma
+ for 3 cups
+ Ø: 7,5 cm

SKU: A0041


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