Cilio coffee pot Mariella

by Cilio - Seller
Condition: New
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"The coffee powder should be coarsely ground. Then you will achieve the best result with the MARIELLA coffee maker from cilio. Coarsely ground coffee extracts slowly and evenly, so your favorite drink is neither bitter nor too thin. The preparation is quick and easy. The powder comes with hot, no longer boiling water in the jug made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Then you have to put the lid on and wait at least four minutes. After this time, carefully press the filter down. The metal sieve filters, unlike a paper copy, The fats and oils contained in the coffee are not extracted. This creates the unique, full-bodied taste. Finally, good news for tea drinkers. Of course, you can also prepare your good morning tea or relaxation tea in the pot before bed.

SKU: A0038


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