AEG coffee machine KF3300

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Simply better breakfast - Great coffee is easily made with this coffee maker. Even an XXL quantity of 1.5 litres is possible in one brewing process. In addition, the warm-keeping function keeps the finished coffee warm for up to 40 minutes.

Don\'t worry and save energy!
Have you ever run back because you forgot to switch off the coffee machine? Don\'t worry! The coffee machine switches itself off after 40 minutes of non-use! So you can devote yourself to the really important things in life.

A clean thing!
Thanks to the anti-drip valve you can also pour yourself a cup while the coffee is running through. The anti-drip function keeps the hot plate clean, so the smell of burnt coffee is a thing of the past!

1.5 litres of fresh coffee
Serve all guests at the same time. With the extra-large glass jug you can cook up to 18 cups of filter coffee for your guests at once.

Product Features

  • On/off switch with operation indicator
  • Cable rewind
  • Anti-drip valve: Prevents dripping when the jug is removed
  • Keep warm function: (40 minutes)
  • Removable filter basket: size 1x4, for easy cleaning after brewing
  • Aroma glass jug scaled on both sides 12 - 18 cups / 1.5 litres
  • The freshly brewed coffee is kept warm for 40 minutes on the non-stick
    coated hot plate.
  • Water level indicator right outside
  • Connected load (W) : 1100 Watt
  • Jug: Glass
  • Water level indicator: yes
  • Features: AEG KF3300. Product type: Drip coffee maker, Coffee maker type: Manual, Water tank capacity: 1.4 L

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