AEG battery vacuum cleaner 18V CX7-2-B360

by AEG - Seller
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The new CX7 2 in 1 with Lithium HD Turbo Power battery and 180° EasySteer manoeuvrability gives you the feeling of cleanliness in everyday life. Perfect for home and car care thanks to the CX7 Deep Clean nozzle and accessories for car kits.

CX7 DEP CLEAN NOZZLE & AUTOKIT ACCESSORIES: Motorised CX7 Deep Clean nozzle combined with accessories for the long crevice nozzle car kit and flexible hose - perfect care for your home and car.

180° EASYSTEER MANOEUVRABILITY: 180° EasySteer manoeuvrability, ergonomic design, sophisticated nozzle and large rear wheels give your cleaning flexibility and smooth turning and moving on all floors. With the two-stage power mode, you can adapt your cleaning to different surfaces and simply put the cleaner back on the charging stand after cleaning.

lONG-LASTING LITHIUM-HD-TURBOPOWER-BATTERY: More power for longer time with the powerful Lithium-HD-TurboPower battery, which runs twice as long as a nickel battery and is lighter and handier. The battery is easy to change and quick to recharge, has a running time of up to 45 minutes and the indicator shows when it needs to be recharged.

SELF-CLEANING BRUSHROLLCLEAN TECHNOLOGY: Forget cleaning hair and fibers from your vacuum cleaner brush forever. Let the patented BrushrollClean technology of the new Ergorapido do it for you by simply pressing a pedal!

DUSTSPOTTER LED LIGHTS: In addition to 180° manoeuverability, the CX7 nozzle comes with DustSpotter LED lights for a professional cleaning experience. Make sure you don\'t miss a thing by seeing exactly what and where you clean each time, even in the darkest places.

- Quick release brush roll
- Integrated crevice tool
- Charging indicator light
- Crevice nozzle
- 180° maneuverability
- 2-in-1 function
- Li-lon Battery - longer run time and a higher cleaning performance
- Charging time: 4h
- Runtime (minutes) : 45
- Running time Normal Speed : N/A
- Running time High Speed : 16
- Filter type : Double Filtration
- Suction power: 18.5 W
- Handheld cleaner - Max airflow motor : 16
- Complete cleaner - Max airflow motor : 15
- Deep Clean nozzle
- Extension kit
- Dust compartment volume : 0.5
- Type : Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
- Storage: Charging stand
- Colour : Mahogany Bronze
- BrushRoll Clean
- Volt : 18
- Nozzle with LED light
- Running Time: 31 - 50 min

SKU: 7332543577736


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